Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month!

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

Here at Project Play Therapy we have an amazing team of Speech Language Pathologists! Our clinicians invest so much into the kiddos, families, and school partners that they serve. We are happy to celebrate our SLPs today and every day! Scroll down to learn more about Speech and Language Therapy and meet some of our incredible SLPs.


What is Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech Language Pathologists help individuals improve their communication skills in order to express their wants, needs, and ideas effectively, and understand language provided to them by other individuals. Some areas that SLPs can assess through evaluation and subsequently address in speech and language therapy include, expressive language, receptive language, social communication, articulation, voice, fluency, and feeding and swallowing. In both our clinics and schools, our Project Play Therapy SLPs use play to help children build these communication skills. We also enjoy collaborating with teachers, parents, and other disciplines in order to help our children more effectively communicate. 


Skills Addressed in Speech and Language Therapy:

Here is a list of some skill areas that a SLPs may address. Above all, if you notice your child or student is having difficulty with any of these skills, contact our PPT office to consult an SLP.

  • Receptive language: understanding spoken or written language including vocabulary and grammar, plus more!
  • Expressive language: expressing wants, needs, and ideas verbally or in writing, including vocabulary and grammar, plus more!
  • Social communication: conversational skills, how to make and maintain friendships, the amount of information to provide in special situations, appropriateness of information shared with others based on the communication partner
  • Articulation: how we say, or pronounce, sounds and put the sounds together into words
  • Fluency: smoothness in rhythm of words and sentences
  • Voice: pitch or quality
  • Feeding or swallowing: how we suck, chew, and swallow food and liquid


Meet the team!


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