MLK Day Coloring Page

MLK coloring page

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Coloring Page

This upcoming Monday, people across America will be honoring and recognizing Martin Luther King Jr., and all he did to make our country a better place than it once was.

In honor of him and this important holiday, we have created a coloring page for kids of all ages. All you will need is our free MLK Day Coloring Page and coloring tools!

Share these kid-friendly resources as your child is coloring their picture of MLK:

Did you know?

Coloring is not only a fun past time for many children (& adults,) but it also helps to advance many important fine motor and visual motor skills. While coloring, kids are working on their fine motor strength to hold writing utensils, bilateral coordination to hold the paper still while coloring, and visual motor skills to color within the border without leaving any white space!


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