A New Year’s Song & Reflection Page

A New Year’s Song & Reflection Page

New Year’s Song & Reflective Page

Happy 2022 from Project Play Therapy! At the start of the new year, many adults are familiar
with spending time reflecting on the past year and dreaming about the upcoming year. These
are wonderful practices to include your children in as well!

One of our music therapists has put together an activity to support your children in reflecting on 2021 and looking forward to 2022! Click HERE for a video of the song “This Year (Happy New Year)” by JJ Heller.

Music is a great tool for sparking discussion and reflection. After listening to this song together, use this Free New Year Reflection Page to guide your child through some serious and fun fill-in-the-blank prompts!

This activity can be adapted for all ages and abilities. Once you and your child have
finished filling out the printable, talk about how you can work together as a family to reach these goals in the new year. Have a fun and happy new year!


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