March Articulation Calendar

articulation calendar

Articulation Calendar to Target Speech Sounds at Home

Spring is fast approaching, and your kids have been working hard on their speech sounds in therapy! We have created a March articulation calendar that you can use at home with your kid to help maintain and carry over learned articulation skills in speech therapy. The calendar includes fun and creative ways to motivate your kids to practice their speech at home. Most of the activities can be completed in 15 minutes or less!

Download the calendar here: March Articulation Calendar


Why is it important to work on speech sounds at home?

For your child to be most successful, therapy needs to extend beyond the speech room into everyday life. Practicing speech sounds at home will help with your child’s carryover and generalization of skills. Just like learning how to tie your shoes or play an instrument requires repetition, our articulators (i.e. lips, teeth, tongue, jaw) all require repetitions to develop the muscle memory to produce a particular speech sound or pattern. Overall, combining both direct therapy practice and home practice will maximize learning potentials and skills.


Have fun practicing your child’s speech sounds and tag Project Play on social media when you complete your March Articulation Calendar!


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