Women’s History Month Activities

Women’s History Month Activities

Women’s History Month

Did you know that today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day, and for the entire month of March we celebrate Women’s History? This is a time to “recognize, honor, and celebrate the many contributions that women have made throughout history to culture and society… (and) also recognize the struggles of women and the accomplishments over those struggles.” 

In honor of this month, we have created a free Women’s History Booklet. This booklet highlights 7 women who have made a great impact on the world, and includes a brief biography, italicized vocabulary words to discuss, and writing or discussion prompts.

Download your free copy here: WHM Handwriting Booklet


Additional Activities:

  • Head over to this link for a list of picture books about women in history
  • Download our Dr. Mae Jemison coloring page from this blog post
  • Make an outer space sensory jar in honor of Caroline Herschel from this blog post
  • Create an indoor tennis game in honor of Althea Gibson from this blog post


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