Gross Motor Scavenger Hunt

Today’s challenge is to complete a scavenger hunt around the house! This is a fun way to stay  engaged and active while out of the chilly weather. What skills we will work on: 

Motor Planning: allows your child to remember and perform the necessary steps to complete  an action, such as stepping over an object on the floor, initiating a jumping sequence, or tying  their shoes. 

Balance: the ability to maintain a controlled body position during task performance. Practicing this skill helps kids progress to higher level tasks such as stair climbing, hopping, and skipping  with greater confidence and safety. 

Bilateral Coordination: ability to coordinate both sides of the body at the same time in a  controlled and organized manner. This allows for symmetrical growth and utilization of both  sides of your child’s body, which they will need to complete higher level tasks as they get older. 


These skills are important to work on at an early age while our brains and bodies are growing  and learning! 


Begin by writing down gross motor activities to achieve on 10 sticky notes. Here are some  examples: 

-10 jumping jacks 

-5 frog hops 

-Crab walk to find the next sticky 

-Hop on one leg 10x 

-Crawl like a bear to your next sticky

-Army crawl to your next sticky 

Next, hide the sticky notes around the house in easy to reach spots. Have your child search for the sticky notes and perform each task before moving on to find the next one until all 10 have been found.

If multiple children are playing, make it a game for who can find the most sticky notes!



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