Gross Motor Movement Playlist

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Gross Motor Movement Playlist on Spotify

If you have a child or spend time around children, you probably know that they are constantly in motion. Walking, jumping, crawling, sitting, standing, wiggling, reaching – you name it! All of these actions involve the large muscle groups in the arms, legs, and torso, and are known as gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are an important part of child development as they learn to safely and reliably navigate the world. 

Music-based Movement

Music-based activities are a great way to support your child’s gross motor development! Musical elements like rhythm, tempo, and melody help to create a naturally fun and motivating environment to practice gross motor skills. If your child experiences difficulty with gross motor movement, music can also help to distract from frustration that might arise when working on these skills. 

One of our music therapists has put together a Spotify playlist with lots of her favorite songs that encourage gross motor movement. You can find it here!

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