Gratitude Worksheet

gratitude worksheet

I am Grateful from A-Z

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Although Thanksgiving is a common time where we express our gratitude, it is also important to do year round to promote positive mental health. We have created a gratitude worksheet, which is perfect for kids, teens, and adults to practice identifying and expressing things they are grateful for – 26 things to be exact! You can download your FREE copy here: I am Grateful from A-Z Printable

How to use it:

  • Handwriting focus: Have your child or student practice their best handwriting while writing their list. This is a great way to see where they are at with each letter of the alphabet. Skills could also include practicing correct letter formation, good spacing, having their letters touch the bottom line, and/or using correct letter sizing.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focus: Research suggests that grateful people are more are better at coping with stress and regulating their emotions. This tool can be used to help promote positive mental health, as well as using it for a coping tool for when your child or student is feeling sad or frustrated.
  • Language focus: Help your child increase their vocabulary by thinking of creative answers! You can also practice categories by giving them a prompt, such as “Tell me a food your are thankful for that starts with the letter C.”
  • Movement/Gross Motor focus: Hide letter cards throughout your space that your child or student will need to navigate through and find. Consider hiding them on various surfaces and heights for added challenge. As they find the letters, they can name and/or write their gratitude that starts with that letter.


Here at Project Play, we are so grateful for each member of our village. We could not do what we do without each of you!


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