Gross Motor Balance Activities

balance activity

A Gross Motor Balance Activity

Today’s challenge is to work on your balance! Balance is a necessary skill for nearly all
movements we do throughout the day, such as walking, going up and down stairs, sports, and play.

Here are a few ways you can work with your child to improve theirs:

  • Stand on foam/pillow: This removes the input from the sensation in their feet that grounds them to a solid surface. Their joints will be working overtime to keep them upright!
  • Stand on one leg: Single leg balance is a skill that carries over to running, stair climbing, and numerous other activities we perform throughout the day.
  • Closing eyes: We gain a lot of information through our eyes when we balance. Our eyes communicate with our brain to let us know where we are in space. To remove this orientation, have your child close their eyes while balancing for an extra challenge.
  • Toss a ball: when we hold our balance, rarely is that the main focus of the activity we’re completing. To work on holding balance while focusing on a separate task, try tossing a ball or another object to your child while they are standing on a cushion or on one foot, or BOTH!


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