Fall Fine Motor Craft

Happy Fall Y’all! 

Today, one of our occupational therapists will show you how to make two fall themed crafts with your kids.  Scroll to the bottom to watch the video!


The first one is a harvest corn craft.

You will need:

  • Four pipe cleaners (brown, tan, or yellow color)
  • Pony beads (120 beads in fall colors like: red, orange, yellow, white, tan, and brown)


While the steps to this craft are straightforward, you can challenge your kid’s visual perceptual skills and working memory through the way you set up the craft. 


Visual Perceptual Skills

Visual perceptual skills are the brain’s ability to understand what the eyes are seeing. Children use this skill during everyday activities such as: getting dressed, playing, copying from the board, and reading. 


The first way to challenge their visual perceptual skills is by filling a bowl with various colored pony beads, and having them look through the bowl to find the specific colors they need to complete the craft (like red, yellow, or brown.)

The second way you can work on this skill is by making a sequence of colors with the beads, and having your child copy that sequence onto a strand of pipe cleaners. 


Working Memory

Working memory is one of the executive functions of the brain. It allows you to recall new information in order to use it in some way. This skill is important for all areas of life, but especially for new learning to take place in school. 


One way you can target working memory during this activity is by asking your child to pick out a certain number and colors of beads. For example, “Sawyer, can you find 10 red, orange, white, and brown beads from this bowl?”

The second way is to tell them a sequence of colors to place on the pipe cleaner, and they will have to remember that sequence. For example, “First 1 brown bead, then two yellow beads, then 1 red bead.” 


Next, we have the apple sewing craft.

For this craft, you will need:

  • Red foam paper
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cotton balls or stuffing 


This craft is great for all kids, but especially those working on being able to tie their shoes. Throughout the craft, children will be using a variety of skills such as: bilateral coordination, eye-hand coordination, fine motor precision, and problem solving skills.

Happy crafting!


Click the link below to watch the video!

Fall Themed Fine Motor Crafts


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