Articulation Activity: /th/

articulation activity

Find, Say, Color Articulation page: /th/

Happy spring! Celebrate the warm and beautiful spring weather with our free Find, Say, Color Articulation Page here. This is a fun way to supplement a student’s hard work in speech therapy at home.

Many children experience difficulty producing the /th/ sound correctly. There are two distinct productions of this sound. For both productions, the tongue and lips are in the same position, but the voice is either on or off. The tongue should be touching the back of the upper front teeth while pushing air out.

Tips for helping your student make the /th/ sound

  • Practice the sound in isolation before beginning the articulation page as a review.
  • Model putting your tongue between your teeth and blowing air out.
  • Together you can practice the sound with and without your voice on, and ‘feel’ your voice by putting your fingers on the front of your neck below your jaw.
  • Try using the target words in a sentence or paragraph as an extra challenge.