PPT Goes Green

PPT Goes Green

Happy Earth Day

We are excited to announce our “PPT Goes Green” initiative, which has begun in our Nashville clinic and office locations. Our hope is that some of these simple changes we have made in our locations will inspire you in your home, school, or clinics as well!


We have begun recycling paper products at a few of our locations, since paper is so easy to recycle and we use so much of it! Our recycling bins are placed by our printers and office areas for easy access to recycling. Next steps will be to have paper recycling in all of our clinic locations, and to increase types of products we recycle.

Simple Swaps

One of the most simple and best ways to make your office or home more sustainable, is by swapping out frequently purchased items with better choices. We have found that these options are actually more cost efficient than what we were previously purchasing too! *Tip! When shopping on Amazon, look for the “Climate Pledge Friendly” badge.


We hope that you join us in making the earth a little more healthy! Happy Earth Day!

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