All Things Social Groups!

Project Play Therapy Summer Social Groups

Here at Project Play Therapy we are all about working on developmental skills and having fun at the same time! After all, children learn best through play. Last week was the final week for our Summer Social Groups and our kids and therapists had a blast!


About Social Groups:

Our social groups were three days a week for three weeks at our Franklin clinic location. They were led by a few of our amazing Speech Language Pathologists! Social groups were divided by age.


Preschool Group: Ages 2-5

This group focused on facilitating play interactions between children targeting key skills such as pretend play, turn taking, sharing, asking for help, listening to others, following rules, and ignoring distractions.

Early School Age Group: Ages 5-8

In this group, our therapists use an interactive approach to conversation skills in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, children participated in social interactions by playing games and working to understand facial expressions and other nonverbal cues.

Middle School Age Group:  Ages 9-13

In this group, our therapists addressed conversation skills such as topic maintenance, initiation, and changing topics. Additionally, this group looked at understanding body language and “reading the room” skills.


We are so thankful for the therapists that hosted these social groups, the kiddos that attended, and their supportive families! We are looking forward to next summer’s social groups! 



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