Introducing Clinic-based Psych Assessments!

Introducing Clinic-based Psych Assessments!

Project Play is so excited about our new service!

Dr. Lyn McRainey and Vanessa Adams have joined Project Play Therapy’s clinic team to provide comprehensive psychoeducational and psychological assessments for children, adolescents, and young adults.


About Psych Assessments:

All assessment plans are individualized to the client/child; however, a comprehensive evaluation typically includes assessment in the areas of general development, cognitive ability (intelligence/IQ), academic skills, adaptive (self-care) skills, and social-emotional functioning. Many other areas may be assessed based on the age of the individual and the reasons for the evaluation. This formal evaluation process is used to develop a detailed picture of a learner’s personal strengths and challenges. The results will measure achievement and identify any specific disability in need of accommodation (developmental delays, a learning disability, ADHD, giftedness, etc.). All of the information gathered is considered together to make expert recommendations for educational planning, home-learning supports, and collaborative interventions.


Most often, parents request evaluation in order to answer a specific question or because there is a concern. However, an evaluation is useful and insightful for the family of any learner working to maximize potential!


Initially, these assessment services will be provided at our Nashville location. 

Please contact us at (615) 832-8955 to get started or to schedule a phone consultation with our team! 


About Our Team


Dr. Lyn McRainey holds a Master’s degree from Peabody College and a PhD from Vanderbilt University, and is credentialed as a Senior Psychological Examiner, a Health Service Provider, and a School Psychologist. In her professional life, she has worked in multiple settings – public and private schools, residential treatment centers, criminal justice centers, and clinics. She comes to Project Play Therapy with years of experience in psychological assessment, treatment planning, child advocacy, and therapeutic intervention. She is known and respected throughout the education and psychology communities in and around Nashville.

Vanessa Adams joined Project Play Therapy in July of 2021. Vanessa has been a school psychologist in Tennessee public schools, specialized private schools, and clinical assessment settings for 15 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education from Middle Tennessee State University, followed by Master of Arts and Education Specialist graduate degrees in School Psychology. Her professional interests include new developments in psychoeducational assessment, ADHD, teen mental health/suicide prevention, disability advocacy, and trauma-informed education. She enjoys working with clients of all ages, especially adolescents, and collaborating with families and school teams to plan individualized interventions.


Please contact us at (615) 832-8955 to get started or to schedule a phone consultation with our team!


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