5 Ways to Work on Following Directions

Following Directions with Summer Activities

Why is it important to work on following directions?

Following simple and multistep directions is an important step in language development. Development of this skill helps children while interacting in a variety of settings, especially school, where there is much structure. The classroom is full of opportunities and requirements to follow directions. Following directions is also a great way to target important skills such as sequencing, attending to verbal information, and the ability to recall information, all of which are skills that children need in the classroom setting. 

5 Ways to Work on Following Directions

  1. Take a bucket/bowl with toys and have your child follow directions placing items in, out, beside, next to, and under the bucket.
  2. Work on following directions while cleaning up. Have your child follow one or two step directions putting their toys away. For example…Put your blocks in the bucket, then put your toy cars away.
  3. Color a picture and direct your child to use certain colors and have them color specific objects in the picture.
  4. Dance to songs that have simple directions embedded in them. Take pauses when necessary and have your child follow one to two step directions in sections.
  5. If your child is old enough to help bake in the kitchen, have them follow directions while helping you make a delicious treat. For example, tell them “pour the oil, crack on egg, then stir.”


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