Where Do You Want To Go?

Summer is here! While it’s a great time to get outside and enjoy play time – it is also a great time to practice language skills with your child! WH Questions (who, what, when, where, why, – and how) are foundational skills that allow your child to ask about the world around them, and to express themselves. Ensuring that they understand and can respond to WH questions will lead to more successful communication of their wants and needs. Building this skill also allows your child to explore their world and build their curiosity.

A fun and easy way to work on WH questions with your child is to plan a trip. While some of us may to get to travel (and can plan a real trip this summer), it is just as fun to plan a pretend trip around your home.

Make a Plan

Start with the question: “Where do you want to go?” and see what your child says. Take the opportunity to introduce new places to your child virtually. Many zoos, aquariums, and museums across the country are doing virtual field trips this summer. Check out this list for some fun places to go.

Packing List

Make a list with your child by asking, “What will we bring?”. Allow your child to make their own list, and don’t forget to help your child think of what they might need on a trip. You can even get creative and let them pack their own suitcase.

Decorate Your Destination

If it’s an old favorite, or a new adventure, help your child use their imagination. Decorate rooms in your house with your child to take a pretend trip to the destination(s) of your choice. “What will we see?”, “Who will be there?”, “How will we get there?” are all great questions to ask! Recruit some of your child’s favorite stuffed friends for a zoo, take advantage of a tent indoors for camping, or have your child draw and color their favorite new landmarks. Each room can be a different attraction or different place.


Let your imaginations run wild – and enjoy a fun day! Use virtual resources to build upon the experience or go tech-free. For a fun video to introduce your child to this summer activity, see below: