Using Mad Libs for Speech and Language Therapy

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Mad Libs for Articulation and Language

Mad Libs have been a fun pastime for decades. If you have never seen one, Mad Libs are short stories with several blanks throughout that make the story incomplete. The player(s) complete the story by filling in the blanks with parts of speech such as verbs, names, body parts, and more. After the blanks are all filled in it makes a funny story which is read aloud for all to enjoy. 


So how can Mad Libs be used for speech therapy?

Mad Libs can help target a variety of language goals including learning the differences between parts of speech, categories, plural nouns, verb forms, and practicing reading and writing. Since Mad Libs are stories (and often themed), it can also target sequencing, story retell, and reading comprehension.


Another way Mad Libs can be used for speech therapy is practicing articulation sounds! How this might look may depend on where the child is at with their specific sound. If they are still practicing at the single word level, they can try to fill up each blank with a word that starts with their sound. If they are at the sentence level, they can read each sentence one at a time while practicing their sound. If they are working on generalization (carrying over their sounds to more complex language forms or across different environments), they may practice reading the entire passage or retelling the story while focusing on their sound. 

There are many ways to use Mad Libs for a creative, funny twist on articulation practice. These can be found online and in stores, or you can use the free printable we created: Articulation Mad Lib Printable.

Have fun with it!


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