Teacher Appreciation Activity

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week!! We are so fortunate that we get to partner with some of the most amazing teachers! For today’s activity, one of our SLPs is going to show you how to work on language skills and express gratitude to the amazing teachers that work so hard to ensure students are successful! Teachers, you are making a difference and we are so thankful for you!


Today’s activity:

In this activity, you will have your child create a poster for their teacher using specific vocabulary and their corresponding definitions in order to express their personal feelings about how wonderful their teachers are. This activity will give your child the chance to use and understand a variety of vocabulary that is used to describe others. It is important to build vocabulary because it aids students in their ability to express ideas in the classroom, with their peers, and even at home. Vocabulary development is important in order to increase all areas of a student’s communication. This includes writing, listening, reading, and even speaking. 


Activity Instructions

  • Help your child pick out 5 vocabulary words that they believe describes their teacher. 
  • While picking out these words, discuss the meaning and have your child use it in a sentence. 
  • Take these newly learned vocabulary words and have your child create an acronym using the beginning letter of each word
  • Write or glue these words and their corresponding definitions on a piece of construction paper and have your child decorate with drawing or cut out images. 


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