Tactile Sensory Skills – Try This!

It’s slime time! Making and playing with slime is a great way to work on fine motor skills and incorporate sensory into your child’s day! Slime works on tactile sensory skills such as being able to tolerate stickiness on the hands. It also works on a variety of fine motor skills such as, hand strength, bilateral coordination, fine motor integration, manual dexterity, and so much more! Here is a quick and easy slime recipe that will be fun for you and your child to make together!


*One container of Elmer’s clear glue
*1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
*One and a half table spoons of contact solution
*Food coloring and glitter can also be added but are optional


*Pour all the ingredients into a bowl
*Mix together the ingredients with a spoon
*Once the slime begins to mold and form knead the slime with your hands back and forth until it is no longer sticky
*If the slime continues to be sticky add more contact solution. If the slime is not sticky enough, add water.

Slime can be fun and functional for children but make sure your child keeps it out of their mouth and eyes. Slime should be handled and made with adult supervision.

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Article written by Stephanie Dougherty OTR/L