Spring Counting Songs

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Spring Counting Songs

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than with songs about animals that we see in the spring?

One of our music therapist’s favorite ways to work on basic math concepts is through counting songs! Many well-known children’s songs, such as “5 Green and Speckled Frogs,” incorporate numbers. When paired with visuals, these songs are great ways to work on recognizing numbers, counting with 1:1 correspondence, and basic subtraction.

Counting songs can be adapted to support whatever skills your child is currently learning!

If your child is just beginning to count:

  • Print pictures or gather toys that go along with the song
  • Count aloud and help them point to each picture as you say the number
  • Counting with 1:1 correspondence is an important foundational skill for learning future math concepts!

If your child is beginning to identify numerals:

  • Write down two numbers (such as 4 and 1)
  • When you sing the verse about 4 frogs, ask your child to point to the number 4
  • If your child is also working on writing numbers, encourage them to write the numbers that they hear in the song!

If your child is beginning to work on basic addition and subtraction:

  • Work together to write and solve the math equation that goes with each verse!
  • “If we have 5 frogs and 1 jumped into the pool, how many frogs are left? 5-1=4”

Check out our free Spring Music Printables for visuals that go along with “5 Green and Speckled Frogs” and “5 Little Ducks.”


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