Spring Cleaning with Kids

task analysis for kids

Spring Cleaning with Kids

Looking to delegate some spring cleaning to your kids this year? Children of all ages can participate in household chores, but where should you start? Task analysis!

What is Task Analysis?

Task analysis is a teaching process that simplifies complex tasks (like chores) into smaller steps that are easier for children to learn. The steps can be tailored to each child’s age and abilities, and support is given in the form of a visual instruction sheet and modeling from an adult. Task analysis builds confidence and independence in completing an activity, or in this case, chores!

Where to start:

  1. Identify a chore that can be broken down into manageable steps for your child.
    • Example: an older child might be able to dust and vacuum an entire room whereas a younger child might be able to spray and wipe down indoor windows.
  2. Write out instructions for the task and provide visuals if needed.
    • Keep it simple! The goal is for each step to be simple enough that they can be both successful and independent.
  3. Model the task, explain any instructions or visuals, and give lots of praise as your child works through each step in the process.



Putting Away Laundry (complex):

  • Step 1 – Put clean clothes from the dryer into a basket
  • Step 2 – Take the basket to your room
  • Step 3 – Sort each piece of clothing by destination (things to be hung in the closet, things that get folded and put in the dresser, etc)
  • Step 4 – Locate empty hangers in closet
  • Step 5 – Hang and put away closet clothes
  • Step 6 – Fold dresser items and match socks
  • Step 7 – Put dresser items away

Putting Away Laundry Example (simple):

  • Step 1 – take clean clothes out of the dryer
  • Step 2 – Sort clothes by person or room (child’s clothes, sister’s clothes, parents’ clothes, sheets and towels etc)
  • Step 3 – deliver piles neatly to each room


Create grab and go containers for chores – each container should contain the items needed to complete the task and an instruction sheet. You might need to model at first, but hopefully with a little support your child will be able to independently complete the chore, giving parents a much needed break! Download this free printable to use!


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