Snowball Conversations

Snowball Conversations


Everyone loves a good snowball fight, but not everyone likes to go out in the cold! What if we told you that you can also work on social skills while having a snowball fight indoors. Here is a fun winter themed activity, from one of our ABA therapists,  that you can do with your kiddos of all ages! 


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The importance of social skills:

Social skills are the skills that a child possesses that make it possible for them to communicate with others. They can be verbal or non-verbal. Some of the components of social skills are: turn taking, following directions, eye contact, listening and responding, as well as, body language. It is important for children to work on these skills in order to be good communicators. 


Snowball Conversations Activity


  • Paper
  • Marker
  • A bin
  • Cotton balls, for more fun!



  • Write down winter themed questions of separate sheets of paper
  • Crumble up the paper like a snowball
  • Fill a bin with snowball questions
  • Have one kid select a snowball and ask their friend the questions
  • Encourage the kids to use full body listening, ask reciprocal questions, or carry out a conversation


We hope you love this activity as much as we do, because it is simple to put together and targets some great social skills!


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