Sequencing with Cookies

It is cookie baking time!

Santa will be packing up his sled, leaving the North Pole, and coming to homes around the world to deliver toys to children in just a couple of weeks! Boys and girls around the world will be greeting him with milk and cookies, as he comes down the chimney to deliver gifts. Are you ready to mix ingredients together, bake the batter, and then decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles for him? Baking cookies for Santa is a great way to practice sequencing with your child.

What is Sequencing?

Sequencing is a foundational verbal skill practiced through play activities, and is then carried over into reading and writing skills later in a child’s life. We use sequencing in communication with others daily in order to convey our thoughts and ideas, story tell, follow directions, and comprehend information provided by others. 


How to practice

When baking cookies for Santa, it’s important to follow directions in the correct order, so that your cookies turn out delicious! A few key words to use for sequencing while baking include:

  • First
  • Next
  • Then
  • Last

First, you’ll need to gather ingredients. Your ingredients will look different based on the recipe you choose to use. A visual list can be helpful to guide your child in gathering all the necessary ingredients. Next, you will follow the directions of your recipe in order to combine the ingredients. Then, you will bake your cookies based on the instructions. Last, you will put icing and sprinkles on your cookies. 


Practice with verbs

Another great language area that can be addressed during baking is expanding your child’s understanding and use of verbs. Various verbs that can be targeted during this activity include: cut, pour, stir, scoop, bake, spread, shake. These can be used by you, as the parent, to guide your child in steps involved while sequencing. 


Have the best time baking cookies for Santa! We know he will be so happy when he sees your cookies!


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