/S/ Sound Homework for Speech Therapy

speech therapy homework

/S/ Sound Homework for Speech Therapy

Even in the busyness of the school year, it is so important to make time for extra speech practice at home. If your child’s working on their /s/ sound, you’re in luck because we have a Find Your Speech Sound: /S/ Edition activity for you. Download it here!

This activity can be done at home or on the go! Give your child a marker, do-a-dot paint marker, crayons, or something similar, and have them find their /s/ sound! Research shows that 100 repetitions in one setting is the most effective approach for making progress. That being said, it is highly encouraged to practice each sound 10x for the best impact. After all, practice makes progress!

For more tips on how to help your child nail down their /s/ sound, check out this blog post from another one of our SLPs!


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