OT’s Favorite Apps

occupational therapist's favorite apps

Occupational Therapists’ Favorite Apps

Most kids learn and grow best through play, and many kids also are motivated to learn by electronics such as iPads or tablets. We believe that children learn best through being active, being with peers, getting messy, playing on the ground, and so forth, but we also see the benefits in using various apps with children as an additional method for teaching skills.

Some members of our occupational therapy team have compiled a list of their favorite apps to use with children in tangent with more hands-on ways to learn the same skills. These apps address a variety of skills, such as handwriting, finger isolation, attention, sensory, emotional regulation, and more. Check them out below!

App Roundup:

App Description OT Skills Addressed
ABC Genius Letter Tracing, letter Recognition, phonics Handwriting skills, finger isolation, visual perceptual skills, attention to task
Khan Academy Kids Math skills, reading, phonics, writing, social emotional development Visual perceptual skills, executive functioning, social emotional skills, finger isolation
Sight Words Reading Games (ABC) Interactive game to help children learn sight words from Dolch List Visual perceptual skills, finger isolation, attention to task
Endless Alphabet Interactive app that teaches letter recogniton and builds vocabulary Visual perceptual skills, finger isolation, attention to task
Shapes Interactive game that introduces colors, shapes, and sizes Fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, attention to task, sensory stimulation
Toca Doctor Digitial Puzzle Games Fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, problem solving, attention to task
Heat Pad-Relaxing Surface Visual stimulating app for calming and visual attention Tactile and visual sensory input
Real Drum Simulation Drum Kit Auditory and tactile sensory input
Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame Teaches problem solving, self-control, planning, and social emotional skills Emotional regulation
Dexteria Therapuetic App that helps build strength, control, and dexterity in hands. There are two versions that range in prices Fine motor control
Classic Maze Navigate through various mazes with your finger to practice motor skills Fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, attention to task, sensory stimulation
Visual Memory Training Brain Exercise to improve visual memory skills with number sequencing Working memory, visual motor skills
Writing Wizard Allows kids to trace and copy pre-writing strokes/shapes, letters, numbers, and simple words with multi-sensory feedback. There is a free and paid version. Handwriting skills, finger isolation,
Kids Visual Acuity Games Includes various visual perceptual games including matching, spot-the-difference, I-Spy, visual tracking, copying grid patterns, and more! Visual perceptual skills, finger isolation, attention, visual acuity
Just Touch A sensory app that includes many engaging patterns and bright lights for children to engage with. Sensory stimulation, calming strategy
Little Timer This is a great visual countdown timer for kids to help them transition from an activity. Transitions, social emotional, independent skills

One more tip!

If your child is using a tablet, you can try out one of these crayon stylus’ to help improve grasp patterns!


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