Opposite Day Activity

Happy Opposite Day!

Have you ever played the opposite game? You may have heard of the game where someone might say a phrase like “I am going down the slide first. Then, you might respond with  “We are playing the opposite game! You have to go last.”  The game is a childhood favorite for sure. Amazingly, there is a whole day dedicated to opposites which is celebrated today on January 25th! Learn from one of our SLPs for how opposites are not only fun, but also essential to language development.


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The Importance of Opposites:

While opposites are fun, they also serve a purpose in language development. In language therapy, opposites or antonyms might be addressed because they help grow vocabulary, help children understand basic concepts, and enhance overall understanding of language. Families can work on opposites everyday, but can pay special attention on Opposite Day. 


How to Practice:

One way to practice is to put opposite pairs on a note card and have your child see if they can match the pairs in a memory matching game. You could also hide the cards around the house and see how quickly your child could find the appropriate opposite. Additionally, you could give your child one of the words in the antonym pair, and they could go find an example of the opposite in your home (ie if you gave your child a card that said “big” they would find something “small”). The options are endless!


Opposite Day Celebrations:

To celebrate Opposite Day, you and your child could create a list of things that you are going to do that are opposite. Some ideas include: wearing your clothes backwards; eating breakfast for dinner; playing Candyland backwards, starting at the candy castle instead of “start”; or eating dessert first. Your child may be having so much fun doing everything opposite, that they may not realize they are working on a critical language skill and growing their vocabulary skills. Hope you have a boring (fun) opposite day! 


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