Let’s Talk Toddlers!

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What sounds do kids typically make between 2-3 years old? With most children, you will hear them make the p, b, m, n, h and w sounds by 2 years old, the  k, g, t, d, ng sounds by 2.5, and the f and v sounds by 3. Usually, kids start saying sounds in consonant vowel productions like ma, bee or hi.  Two year olds are normally saying about 50 words or so, and between ages 2-3, you should hear them putting 2-3 words together like (“mom watch me”). Parents or caregivers should understand around half of what a 2 year old is saying and 75% of what a 3 year old child is saying.
What are some things you can do if you think they are not talking enough? First, make sure you are talking to them face to face so they can see your mouth, and therefore, how to make the sounds. Second, speak slowly so that they can see a good model of how to say the sounds. Third, make sure they have opportunities and need to say things to you. If you are giving them something, allow time for the child to request or at least prompt a fill-in response such as “Which do you want a cookie or brownie” and wait for some type of response. If they don’t give a response, try getting just the first sound, or if that doesn’t work, let them point. This will build communication and stimulate sound production.
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Franklin Speech & Language Center
Paige Linkowski MAED/CCC/SLP