Heart Healthy Board Game

It’s American Heart Month!

To help celebrate, one of our Physical Therapists created a board game with active movements to get your heart pumping and keep it healthy! It is important to stay active in order to protect your heart, improve blood flow, and increase endurance. For more information about American Heart Month click this link.


How to Play:

Download your game board here

Each player will have a turn to roll and move their piece on the board. Whichever exercise you land on must be completed before your next roll. Whoever gets to the end first is the champion!


Skills Addressed: 

Motor Planning: allows your child to remember and perform the necessary steps to complete  an action, such as stepping over an object on the floor, initiating a jumping sequence, or tying  their shoes. 

Cardiac Endurance:  risk factors for heart disease are showing up earlier in life and in greater  numbers than ever before. Unless promptly addressed, these factors increase risk for heart  disease later in life. Childhood is an ideal time to begin healthy heart habits! 

-Bilateral Coordination: ability to coordinate both sides of the body at the same time in a  controlled and organized manner. This allows for symmetrical growth and utilization of both sides of your child’s body, which they will need to complete higher level tasks as they get older. 


Grab a friend, get moving, and have a blast playing our Heart Healthy Board Game!


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