Ghostbusters Mad Lib Song Writing

ghostbusters mad lib songwriting

Ghostbusters Mad Lib Songwriting

What part of speech is “running”? 

Give me a noun! 

Tell me three pieces of clothing. 

What is an adjective?

Learning the parts of speech and being able to categorize items are important parts of language and academic development. Today, one of our music therapists is sharing a fun, Halloween-themed way to practice both of these skills! 

You’ve likely heard of the game “Mad Libs” – a classic game of making silly sentences and stories. In music therapy, one of our favorite things to do is “Mad Libs Songwriting!” It works just like traditional Mad Libs, but provides an extra level of fun when you sing your silly new creation together at the end.

To play:

  • Print off our free Ghostbusters Mad Lib Songwriting Printable 
  • Without showing your child the paper, ask them for words to fill in each blank. 
  • Based on your child’s current knowledge of categories/the parts of speech, provide support as needed. 
    • You can give examples (i.e. “A chair is a piece of furniture. What other piece of furniture can you think of?”), remind them of the definitions of each part of speech (i.e. “A noun is a person, place, or thing”), etc.
  • After filling in all the blanks, read/sing through your silly new version of “Ghostbusters” together! 


Happy Halloween 🎃 


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