Eating The Rainbow

Let’s Talk Healthy Eating

Eating fruits and vegetables are very important in order to keep our bodies healthy and strong! These foods come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. We can also group them according to whether they are a fruit or a vegetable! Check out this blog from one of our SLPs to learn about the  fun ways to work on identifying and matching various foods.



Why is Category matching important?

Teaching children how to put things in categories or groups is very important for their vocabulary development. As they learn more vocabulary for certain categories, they begin to generalize with other vocabulary terms or items in that group. Also, as they become more familiar with how to categorize things, it builds on their functional abilities to group things, whether that be at home when cleaning their rooms or at school putting things where they belong. Learning how to categorize things also allows children to expand upon their ability to describe things. 



Activity Outline 

  • Download and print out out fruit and vegetable worksheet.
    • Be sure to discuss the item that you are working on. I.e.. Label, function, color and other attributes
  • Gather materials you need to create the paper boxes, including construction paper and tape/glue. You can also use play dough to create the bowls or boxes
    • Fold your construction paper in half and glue sides together to make a quick/fun bag *Cut in half for smaller bags
  • Use fruit/vegetable print outs to place in corresponding bags, with either color or category.
  • Be sure to demonstrate the activity first and emphasize different vocabulary you are using while placing the cut out in it’s corresponding bag. For example, emphasize the word APPLE, while placing it in a red box, or one labeled fruit. 


Additional Activities



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