Developing Language Skills Through Poetry

Let’s celebrate Women’s History Month!

March is Women’s History Month and PPT wants to shout out some special women! Maya Angelou is a famous American poet and civil rights activist. Her legacy lives on through the poetry she wrote and shared with the world throughout her life. Learn from one of our Speech Language Pathologists about how you can get creative and work on language skills while writing poetry. For even more fun, scroll to the bottom for a fun poetry downloadable.


Want to be like Maya Angelou?


Writing poetry can be intimidating! However, with this simple break down of the creative process your child and become a poetry expert in no time!


Poetry is a great way to target higher level language skills, such as synonyms and antonyms, figurative language, vocabulary, and inferencing. These skills are important to develop so make it fun with poetry!


What you need:


The Writing Process

  1. Choose your topic – It is important to choose an idea that is familiar to you, such as things you like to do, memories you have, people or pets you love, etc. 
  2. Type of poem – Check out this website to learn about 7 different types of poetry:
  3. Brainstorm words – Try and transport the reader to your imaginative world. Use your senses to help come up with words. 
  4. Start writing! If you are looking for a place to start, open your poem with a main idea statement or question you will answer in the poem. 
  5. Edit – Once you have written your poem, go back and read it out loud. This is the time to make any changes you may want.

Online Resources:

For additional poetry activities, search this website:

Download our example acrostic poem outline here


It is important to note that poetry is a creative outlet and there is no wrong way to write a poem! Get those creative juices flowing and write a poem that would make Maya Angelou proud!


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