Community Advocates

Our pledge at Project Play is to bring Pediatric Therapy awareness both in our communities and to communities abroad.

Bringing Therapy To You

Our goal is to keep our clients in focus. This means catering to your schedule and bringing therapy to you if that's what it takes.


Clinical research, meaningful intervention and measurable goals set the standard for Project Play therapies and programs.

Beyond Project Play

Project Play will pledge a portion of proceeds to partner, consult and implement Pediatric Therapy at impoverished orphanages

Community Advocates for Pediatric Therapy

Franklin Speech & Learning Center is now a division of Project Play Therapy, allowing us to serve middle Tennessee with three locations, four primary therapy concentrations and an expansive family of experienced therapists to serve you where you need it most.

Beyond our core therapies, we offer specialty services and programs including psychological testing and counseling. Our passion areas include sensory integrations, fine visual and gross motor interventions and environmental modifications; and our core principal is to incorporate playtime and daytime activities to address and treat behavioral conditions to empower your child during their primary occupation: play!

Therapy in Your Environment

Our equipment, personnel and overall environment in our three practice locations are incredible communities for facilitating fun and functional growth. We understand, however, life can get hectic, which is why we also offer our services away from the office and where you need it.

School Visits

Project Play Therapy and our sister company, Franklin Speech, offer school services throughout Middle Tennessee. We aim to seamlessly integrate psychological, speech and occupational therapy services into the child’s school day. To learn more about which schools we work with, please contact us.

Enablr Therapy

To offer an alternative, we are creating Enablr Therapy, a service connecting talented professionals with families needing more options. We are excited about its potential impact and hope to launch in late 2018. Our industry experts offer you innovative and personalized treatment in an environment that is fun, safe and loving for you and your children.

Our Methodology

We believe a strong foundation for facilitating probable outcomes is necessary by delivering meaningful intervention, clinical research and striving for unique, measurable goals. Our practice also provides referral services, whether your child’s needs are best suited here or elsewhere, making sure to deliver the best care possible for our clients. The first step for your child is a comprehensive evaluation using formal assessments, caregiver interviews and clinical observation. From there, our treatment process is designed to provide seamless collaboration with professionals, parents and caregivers across all environments. 15-minute collaboration sessions are standard with parents and caregivers at the end of each appointment, along with Skype sessions to those who cannot attend an appointment.

Free Consultations

Confused? Feeling uneasy?

Unsure of what to do? We understand. For anyone who is uncertain of whether an evaluation is needed or just may want to learn more about what our practice offers, we encourage you to reach out for a consultation. This can be conducted via a phone conversation, meeting at one of our clinics or an onsite session at a school or day care if multiple children need to be discussed.

Comprehensive Evaluations

We utilize professional expertise to assess a combination of standardized assessment tools, stakeholder interviews and clinical observation to determine what therapy setting and treatment, if any at all, is best for your child. Evaluations are often necessary to determine if a delay/disorder is present and to what degree. The type of evaluation varies. For example, occupational evaluations assess gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, handwriting, daily living and sensory processing skills. Results facilitate in determining appropriate goals for treatment, if warranted, and serve as a baseline of skills for setting goals and a way to measure the child’s progress. Evaluations may not be required if one has been conducted in the past year depending on circumstances assessed our therapists.

Customized Treatment Sessions

Let the playtime begin!

We’re called Project Play Therapy for a reason! Think fun: swings, balls, shaving cream and games – all geared towards achieving new levels of functional independence. Sessions typically last thirty or sixty minutes, with the final few minutes of each session strategically reserved for parent or guardian discussion to ensure tips, tricks, goals and progress reports are consistently and timely communicated. Project Play feels so strongly about community interaction and teamwork that we are happy to schedule a Skype session with parents and/or guardians who cannot make it to the clinic to discuss progress and home goals.

Group Sessions

Depending on your child’s progress, our therapists may recommend group therapy in addition to individual treatment. As such, we provide group therapy and social groups to encourage progress. Currently, Project Play delivers group therapy as needed or on a seasonal basis.

From Therapy to Daily Life

We form relationships with many schools to successfully integrate Speech, Occupational Therapy, Audiology and psychology services into your child’s school day. We provide training and informational forums on certain topics of interest or overall guidance on integrating therapy into a school or daycare environment. We realize that fitting regular therapy sessions into your schedule is not an easy task, which is why Project Play Therapy is developing a platform to bring talented therapists together with families in need outside of the traditional setting.

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Questions & Answers

Does my child need therapy?

Unfortunately, there is all too often a stigma attached to the word “therapy”. The misconception and overall lack of awareness world-wide is one of the biggest reasons we started Project Play. To be honest, we don’t know if your child needs therapy. There is no test, list of conditions or traits that could accurately answer this question. However, an open-minded, non-judgmental discussion is where it all starts. Our professionals are trained to consult and evaluate your child to determine if treatment is appropriate.

Where do I start?

If you suspect that your child or family member may need therapy, you should contact a therapist to set up an evaluation. Once an evaluation has been completed decisions regarding therapy recommendations and a plan of treatment can be determined.

What if my child has already had an evaluation by a licensed therapist within the last year?

If your child has had an evaluation by a licensed therapist within the last year there may not be a need for another evaluation.

What will happen when we come in for an evaluation?

At Project Play, families are always welcome and encouraged to be a part of the evaluation and treatment process. At the initial evaluation, case history information will be obtained and formal and informal testing will be conducted to determine a patient’s current level of functioning. At the end of the evaluation session recommendations for therapy will be given based on what the testing revealed.

Our dream is to create better community awareness for developmental disabilities by growing our global impact.

Project Play Therapy