Therapeutic Pop-It Activity Ideas

Therapeutic Pop-It Activity Ideas

Therapeutic Pop-It Activity Ideas

Pop-Its are a very common trend in kids toys, however did you know they can be utilized for a variety of therapeutic benefits? Check them out!

These colorful, durable, and engaging tools are capable of supporting developmental skills such as:

  • Sensory regulation
  • Sensory processing
  • Fine motor coordination/strengthening
  • Digit (finger) isolation
  • Bilateral integration
  • Color/letter/shape identification and formation
  • Counting
  • Attention
  • Following instructions
  • Turn-taking
  • Visual perception
  • Visual motor integration
  • Motor planning
  • In-hand manipulation

By adding a few directions, simple sensory satisfaction turns into multi-sensory learning!

Have your child pop by:

  • Letters: draw letters on each bubble, such as commonly reversed letters.
  • Numbers: draw them on all over in no particular order, and have them pop the number(s) you call.
  • Shapes
  • Color
  • Race a friend to pop all the wells
  • Count as you pop
  • Only use one hand to pop and hold the pop-it
  • Using their non-dominant hand
  • When feeling emotionally unsettled (and see how you feel after) as a regulation tool
  • Pop a pop-it full of water, shaving cream, rice, beads, glitter, sand, slime, or any other substance you would like your child to tolerate more comfortably
  • With each individual finger or different combinations of finger patterns (i.e. peace sign, sign for “I love you”, hang loose, thumb to pinkie, pinkie to thumb)
  • By using utensils such as a spoon or crayon. Check out this video showing how.

As with any therapeutic tool/strategy it’s always good to monitor how someone responds to the task. Everyone reacts differently to sensations, directions, and routines so finding YOUR best fit is key!


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