Keeping Up Occupational Therapy Skills Over The Summer

Keeping Up Occupational Therapy Skills Over The Summer

This week we are sharing some fun ideas to help your child continue to build upon their occupational therapy skills over the summer. We hope this list of activities and tips helps you to plan some fun and functional time with your child!

Play outside

Fine motor skills, coordination, social skills, and sensory development can be developed through outside play activities. Bring playdoh / slime outside, draw with sidewalk chalk, or take a pretend play activity outdoors. Water tables and sensory bins, can be made with a storage bin and household items!

Practice handwriting

Handwriting practice will help your child be ready for school. Practice by journaling, writing out the grocery list, sending letters to family or a pen pal, and decoding secret messages. Have your child send a thank you note to a teacher, an essential worker, or a family member. Writing practice can be fun if it has a meaningful purpose!

Build fine motor and bilateral coordination skills

You can work on these skills in the kitchen by helping cook or bake using tongs, kneading, rolling, whisking, and spreading! Create a new family recipe for dinner, or have your child help prepare a special summer snack or treat! For kid-friendly recipe ideas, check out Tasty Jr.

Play board games

Board games help to work on fine motor, visual motor, and executive functioning skills. You can even create a board game with your child with this downloadable template. Come up with you own game cards and rules as a family. For new board game ideas, check out this great list!

Try new sensory play activities

Make playdough or slime, use bubbles, and play with sand or water! Check out this link for 4 fun slime recipes that you can make at home.

Encourage independence in self help skills

Take more time to work on buttons and zippers, tying shoes, making breakfast, using utensils, or brushing hair! Summer is a great time to work on these skills, and to increase your child’s self confidence. You can find a lot of tips and tricks for OT related activities on Project Play Therapy’s YouTube page.

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