Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

It’s the end of school year time here at Project Play Therapy. What a wild ride! We are celebrating this week as most of the 50+ schools PPT serves, across the greater Nashville area, finish out their year. As summer quickly approaches – we want everyone to remember to continue building skills over the summer. But also it’s important to get out and enjoy the sunshine, and most of all be safe and have FUN!

Here are 4 helpful tips for summer skill building:

Set Some Goals

Summer is a great time to work on goals with your child while they are free from the stress of the school year. Has your child always wanted to learn to ride a bike? How about learning to tie their shoes? (We have a video for that HERE)! Setting small blocks of time for your family to work on a collective goal each day is more likely to result in success.

Make Learning FUN!

Children learn best through PLAY, so building learning into fun activities will help keep your child to be motivated. Try having your child earn their turn in a board game by reading one of their sight words. You can also create memories (and work on important skills) by playing games or doing crafts together. Check out our latest fine motor craft video HERE.

Set aside some “work time” each day

Make a daily schedule for (or with) your child. Then have them choose a block of time each day to work on a skill or goal. Whether they read a book, work on handwriting, or attend a therapy session, keeping your child engaged in activities will prevent the dreaded “summer slide”. If your child needs extra help over the summer, Project Play Therapy has everything from individual therapies to social groups.


Positive praise and reinforcement for a job well done helps build your child’s confidence and sets them up for future success. Have an awards day at home, have your children write thank you notes for their teachers, or just sit down and doing a coloring sheet together and talk about the highlights of this year! (Download our End of the School Year Coloring Page HERE)

We hope that everyone has a healthy and safe summer! For all the children who we were lucky to work with this school year, congratulations on your achievements! We have loved celebrating your hard work and look forward to seeing you next year! If you are interested in summer services for your child, call any of our 3 locations or contact us at info@projectplaytherapy.com for more information.

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