Happy Mother’s Day from Project Play Therapy!

Happy Mother’s Day from Project Play Therapy!

Project Play Therapy loves our village – which, of course, includes our patients, but also includes all of the amazing mothers and grandmothers we get the chance to see and partner with every week! Our moms / grandmothers are special people – They are fierce advocates, patient teachers, and loving role models. They go above and beyond to support their children’s success in therapy, and we are so thankful for all they do. Being a mom means lots of hard and rewarding work, and we have so much respect for all the mothers out there who are raising amazing children.

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate, and send lots of hugs, to all the moms who make their kiddos lives so special. We hope each of you get a chance to sleep in, feel appreciated, and enjoy time with your children. To All The PPT Moms: Thank you for all you do, for partnering with us, and for always supporting your children  – We love you!

(P.S. – All you Dads out there: if you are looking for a special craft to do with your child to show mom how much you appreciate her,  click below to download our Mother’s Day coloring sheets to do while mom gets to sleep in!)

Mothers Day Craft

Mothers Day Craft 2

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