Winter Olympics Gross Motor Game Board

Winter Olympics Gross Motor Game Board

Winter Olympics Gross Motor Game Board

It is almost time for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. In order to celebrate this fun to watch event, our Physical Therapy team has created a game board to help get your children moving in order to feel a part of the games! 

Getting Started:

  • Download and print: PT Olympics Game Board
  • Cut out the spinner, arrow, and game pieces.
  • Assemble the spinner and arrow using a paper fastener or paper clip
  • Each player picks a game pieces and places it on start.

How to Play:

  • The youngest player goes first.
  • Each player takes turns spinning the spinner.
  • Move your game piece the number of spaces the spinner lands on.
  • Complete the exercise on your space.
  • The first player to the finish line wins!

Skills being worked on:

  • Coordination: activities such as jumping jacks, ski jumps, and toe touches require thinking about where both your arms and legs are at the same time and where your body is in space in order to complete the task
  • Balance Skills: jumping, standing on one foot, and hopping all require the use of leg and tummy muscles in order to help keep you upright and make sure that you don’t lose your balance 
  • Motor Planning: this allows you to remember and perform the required steps in order to complete the action being asked of you such as twirling like an ice skater or skating like a hockey player


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