Summer Social Groups

Summer Social Groups

Despite the recent weather, summer is just right around the corner. Many parents may be wondering how to keep their children involved with their peers without school. Look no further! Project Play Therapy will be hosting Summer Social Groups!


What is a social group?

These groups aim to help children of all ages develop relationships! The curriculum based groups are conducted by our well-qualified speech-language pathologists. Typical skills addressed during sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Social greetings
  • Identifying and expressing emotions
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Initiating, maintaining and ending conversations
  • Joining and participating in groups
  • Appropriate body language and tone of voice
  • Dealing with bullying and teasing


Should your child attend a social group?

Simply put, our programs are offered to any children who would benefit from direct instruction relating to developing and maintaining social relationships in all environments. 


What are the details?

Summer social groups will take place over 5 separate weeks of social skills workshops. Monday through Thursday of each week children ages 1st-4th grade will meet from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and 5th-8th graders will meet from 5:15 pm to 6:15 pm. Parents can register their child on a week by week basis. Feedback will include a detailed email containing: the sessions lessons, your child’s progress and performance, and a home programming lesson for carryover! Check back soon for details on our sensory camps that will complement these the social groups.


Weeks are divided into the following sessions:

WEEK 1 June 11th-14th: Social Skills 101

WEEK 2 June 18th-21st: Conversation Builder and working in groups

WEEK 3 June 25th-28th: Understanding my emotions and the emotions of others

WEEK 4 July 9th-12th: What is my body saying? (body language and facial expressions)

WEEK 5 July 16th-19th: Problem-solving (problem-solving when working together and keeping/maintaining friendships)


There is a $25 registration fee to hold the spot and camps are $200 for the week!

Sign up by calling our Franklin clinic at 615-591-3244 or email us at!


Follow along with our Facebook page and blog for more details about other summer groups focusing on fluency/stuttering and occupational therapy skills!

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