Roll-A-Die Gross Motor Activity Cards

Roll-A-Die Gross Motor Activity Cards

Roll-A-Die Activity Cards

Get moving with our fun gross motor roll-a-die game! This game has four different categories of movement that you can choose from to get everyone up and active.

How to play:

  • Download and print our free Roll-A-Die Activity Cards
  • Grab a die and pick out one of the 4 categories.
  • Each player takes turns rolling the die. Whatever number you land on is the movement you perform!

Why is gross motor development important?

Gross motor activities are movements that involve your whole body. These movements use large muscles in your body to help you perform everyday tasks such as sitting, standing up, walking, running, jumping, and more. 

Each of thee four categories in this activity include movements to help build leg and core strength. By building these muscles, accessing one’s environment becomes easier and will help build to the next skill. They help improve knowing where your body is in the environment, maintaining balance in the environment, and exploring the environment safely.


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