Happy Ninja Day!

Happy Ninja Day!

Did you know tomorrow is International Ninja Day?!?

Today’s challenge is to create a ninja training obstacle course! This is an active way to practice  your stealth and creativity. Scroll to the bottom to watch the video of one of our Physical Therapists completing his own ninja course. In this obstacle course we will work on these skills: 

Motor Planning:

This allows your child to remember and perform the necessary steps to complete  an action, such as stepping over an object on the floor, initiating a jumping sequence, or tying their shoes. 


There are many skills required to complete a good ninja kick! It takes control to weight shift and single leg balance on one side, and coordination and strength to extend the opposite leg. This task also promotes asymmetrical coordination as each side of your body is  completing a separate action. Try adding a nice “HIYA!” for good measure. 


This is the awareness of your body and its position in space. To perform slow and  controlled movements, our bodies need to be aware of the angles and positions of our limbs in space. Working on this skill creates greater coordination between our brains and our bodies!

Why It is Important:

These skills are important to work on at an early age while our brains and bodies are growing  and learning! 

So have a blast creating an obstacle course using household items! A few ideas are to require  your kids to walk between yarn strung up in a hallway, duck under a table, ninja kick a balloon,  and tight rope a line of tape. Most importabtly have fun!

Watch this video!


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