Color By Function – Speech & Language Printable

Color By Function – Speech & Language Printable

Color By Function: Speech & Language Printable

Identifying the function of objects is an important skill in developing children’s expressive and receptive vocabulary skills. Understanding and labeling the function of items helps support concepts such as following directions, reading comprehension, descriptive features and expanding sentence utterance length. Narrating your own actions and labeling your child’s actions during everyday routines are natural and helpful ways to increase object functions understanding and use. 

At Home Activities:

At home, have fun playing “detective” with your child using items around the house and a flashlight, giving descriptive clues and emphasis on the object’s function. For example, “shine your detective light on the thing you sleep on,” or “shine your light on something you find in the kitchen and use to pick up food.”

Need another free activity idea? Check out this “Color by Function” Printable — simply print it out, and have your children color the images based on the instructions given!


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