Heart Healthy Exercises for Kids

Heart Healthy Exercises for Kids

Let’s get those hearts pumping!!


Today for Black History Month we are honoring the incredible Dr. Daniel Hale Williams. He was the first ever Cardiac Surgeon to successfully perform an open heart surgery in 1893. So to honor him we are working on some heart healthy exercises that you can do at home! Check out the video of one of our Physical Therapists showing how to keep your hearts pumping through fun exercises. 


Click here for the video!


The Importance of Exercise for Kids:

It is so important for children to get regular exercise. However, that does not mean they have to be lifting weights in the gym. Children get most of their exercise through play. Exercise is important because it increases endurance, helps the heart beat faster, and is importance for development of muscles. It also is key to living healthier. For more information on heart health in children click this link from the American Heart Association.


Heart Healthy Exercises:

  1. Kick to both side 5x each 
  2. Jumping jacks 5x 
  3. Push up 5x 
  4. Sit ups 5x
  5. Roll over + Jump  5x
  6. Toe touch stretch 5x 
  7. Jog in place x10 seconds 

*Complete these exercises for 3 rounds. 


Feel free to modify as need be, the goal is to complete it all the way through hitting each exercise one time around. Allow for kids to take breaks between the rounds.  Here is a link for fun visuals to pair with the exercises. Try making it more play based, grab a friend or family memeber, turn it into a game, and most importantly have fun!!


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